Man Finds His Daughter After 55 Years

Jeannie-Louisa Fleming and George Fleming
Jeannie-Louisa Fleming and George Fleming ( Photo Credit: George Luchuk )

A lifetime of wondering and searching, along with a journey back in time, has united a 75-year-old Canadian man with the daughter that he never knew.

George Luchuk, from Milbrooke, Ontario, decided to search for the 55-year-old daughter that he fathered when he was only 19 years old and working in an area of Quebec called Kuujjuarapik. George was 19 years old and working for a company in Kuujjuarapik when he met an Inuk woman by the name of Mary Miluctu.

George and Mary had a short relationship during his time in Kuujjuarapik, and then he never saw her again. George was shocked to learn years later that their relationship had produced a baby daughter.

George didn’t find out about his daughter until after he had been transferred to another area of Canada by his company. One day an Inuk woman from Kuujjuarapik found him and told him that Mary had given birth to a baby daughter and the child was his.

George said that he was shocked to hear this news from a stranger. However, George went on with his life without ever knowing anything else about his firstborn child and eventually he had four other children of his own.

In August 2016, at the age of 75 and near the end of his life, George embarked on a search to find the daughter that he had never met. Without telling any of his family, he bought a plane ticket and traveled back to Kuujjuarapik to find his daughter. He said that after all of these years he finally decided to follow his heart.

Just three hours after arriving in Kuujjuarapik, George managed to find and unite with his long-lost daughter, Jeannie-Louisa Fleming, with some help from a local. Soon after meeting his daughter, George met his three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Jeannie-Louisa said that she was amazed to see her father after all of these years and worried that he had died before she would ever get a chance to meet him.

Although Jeannie-Louisa was adopted and raised by a local couple after her birth, she remained in contact with her birth mother. However, she was never able to find out the name of her father and hit a dead end when she tried to search for him years ago. She said that she always believed and hoped that he would come back and find her someday.