Free Ways To Find A Person On ‘ThatsThem’

ThatsThemSince its debut in 2014, ThatsThem has become one of the top free people searches on the internet. ThatsThem has collected billions of contact details and public records on people and makes all of this personal information searchable from one site.

ThatsThem offers several different ways to search for and find information on a person. ThatsThem searches include:

  • Full name and address search
  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Email address lookup
  • IP address search
  • Vehicle VIN search
  • Advanced people search

You can try some of the searches discussed in this article on our That’s Them page.

ThatsThem Name and Address Search

The easiest way to lookup someone on ThatsThem is by using the name and address search tool. If you already know someone’s full name and location ( street address, city & state, zip code ), you can use this search to find additional contact information and public records for the person.

A name search on ThatsThem can reveal personal information like age range, street address, phone number(s), email address(es), education level, professional information and estimated net worth and income level.

ThatsThem Name Search Test: We tested the name search feature using the name of a close relative. The search results gave the correct age range, street address, education level and occupation details for this person.

However, ThatsThem listed an incorrect cell phone number and email address for this person as well as an old landline phone number that is no longer in use by this individual.

ThatsThem Reverse Phone Lookup

You can also use ThatsThem to do a reverse phone number search on someone with any ten digit U.S. landline or cell phone number. Details from a reverse phone lookup on ThatsThem can include the person’s name, street address, alternative phone numbers, email addresses as well as other personal details.

ThatsThem Phone Lookup Test: We searched ten different phone numbers belonging to people that we know on the ThatsThem phone lookup. Out of the ten phone numbers that we searched, only one had a correct listing on ThatsThem; four had no listing information, and five of the phone numbers had incorrect information listed.

ThatsThem Email Search

ThatsThem also has a free reverse email search where you can find additional information on people if you know of one or more email addresses that they use. Email search results on ThatsThem can really be a hit-or-miss effort. Generally speaking, free online email searches often have incorrect information on someone or no information at all.

ThatsThem Email Search Test: We searched five different email addresses for people we know using the email lookup on ThatsThem, and good information was only found for one of them. You can test the email search for yourself using your own email address(es) or email addresses for people that you know to see what kind of results you find.

ThatsThem IP Search

Information on the user of an IP address is generally not reliable. Numerous people can share the same IP address, and geographic location information for an IP address is often not anywhere near where the user is accessing the internet from. In addition, there are a host of computer programs and web sites that let people hide their real IP address.

We didn’t bother to test the IP address search on ThatsThem due to the inherent difficulty in using an IP address to find information on someone. However, feel free to give it a try using your IP address or the IP address of someone that you know.

ThatsThem VIN Lookup

Every vehicle has a unique, 17 character vehicle identification number on it. If you know the VIN for a car, truck or other vehicle, you can do a search on ThatsThem to find out if there is any owner information associated with it. Successful VIN search results will also include the make, model and year of the vehicle that the person owns.

ThatsThem VIN Test: We only did one VIN search, using the vehicle identification number from one of our cars, and no results were found on ThatsThem.

The Advanced People Search on ThatsThem

ThatsThem also has an advanced people search where you can lookup a person using several types of personal information and different search filters. The advanced people search lets you use full name, email address, phone number, street address, city, state and zip code information to find someone on the ThatsThem database.

How to Opt-Out of ThatsThem

As with most people search sites that have their own database of public records and personal information, ThatsThem has an online opt-out form where you can request to have your information removed from the site. According to the directions on their opt-out page, you will need to submit a separate request for each record that you want removed if you find more than one record about yourself on the site.