Reflectacles Help People Hide Their Identity From Cameras

Reflectacles are eyeglass frames that help people hide their identity from surveillance cameras.

Reflectacles are a new brand of reflective eyeglass frames that are designed to help people avoid detection by cameras, video surveillance and facial recognition systems. To people, they just look like big, colorful eyeglass frames, but they can stop cameras from recording a clear image of anyone who wears them.

The glasses work by reflecting light back into the camera lens, creating a colorful flash in the recorded images that effectively hides the face of the person wearing the glasses. The glasses are capable of reflecting visible as well as infrared light at cameras to hide the identities of people.

Reflectacles are made from a material that contains thousands of microscopic prisms that scatter and reflect surrounding light in all directions. This material is widely considered to be the most light-reflective material that exists, and it is mostly used in engineering and scientific applications.

The glasses were invented by a person who goes by the name of “Mr. Urban.” He said that he created the glasses for people who are concerned about being recorded and tracked by our ever-growing surveillance culture.

Some people have expressed concerns that Reflectacles could be used by criminals to avoid being identified by security cameras. However, this type of criticism is often made about any new product that helps people hide from surveillance systems. Just about anything can be used for criminal purposes. If someone wants to commit a crime, then they will find a way, regardless of privacy products like Reflectacles.

Mr. Urban started working on Reflectacles in 2014 and the eyeglasses are expected to be ready commercially by the summer of 2017. His business is based out of Chicago, IL and he has ten years of professional experience making custom eyeglass frames for people.

Reflectacles can be worn with our without prescription eyeglass lenses and they are available in seven different colors. You can visit for more information on Reflectacles.