Using Google Maps to Find People

When most people think about the uses for an online mapping tool like Google Maps, they typically think of it as a good search engine for finding locations and getting driving directions, but have you ever considered Google Maps to be a good option for doing people searches and lookups?

The Google Map search is rapidly becoming a very useful people search engine, especially if you are looking for someone who works in a licensed or professional field. By combining information found on web sites with map locations as well as user contributed information; Google Maps is becoming a good way to find location and personal information on people.

Let’s run through a few example people searches, using Googe Maps, with links to results ( use the loc: handle in your map searches to specify the location of the search) :

1. A general people search for John Doe in the state of California would look like this – John Doe loc: California.

2. A more specific people search for John Doe in the state of California, using quotes around John and Doe would give these results – “John Doe” loc: California.

3. Here is an example of a general people search for John J Doe in the state of California, using a middle initial – John J Doe loc: California.

4. Another people search example for John J Doe in California, using quotes around the name to narrow down the results, would look like this: “John J Doe” loc: California.

5. You can also specify both a city and state in you Google Maps people search by using the loc: handle with the city and state names after it. For example, a search for John Doe in Los Angeles, California would look like this: John Doe loc: Los Angeles, California.

There are numerous options for doing people searches, using the Google Maps search engine. You can do a nationwide search for John Doe in the United States, like John Doe loc: United States.

The possibilities for doing free people searches using Google Maps are endless. The more you practice searching for a person on Google Maps and the more information Google adds to their map search in the future, the better this tool will get for finding and locating people.

Good luck with your people searches.