How To Search For People On Google

Google is still one of the best free people search engines online. With the right search you can find people from your past through a Google search. Some of the top people search results on Google include social network profiles from Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc.

Here are some tips for finding someone on Google:

— Start by just Googling the person’s name. This may be all you need to do to find contact information for the person. Often times a simple name search will return directory assistance listings, social network profiles or other contact information on people.

— If Googling the person’s name does not work, try a Google search for their name in quotes like: “James Smith” or “Mary Smith”. This type of name search will weed out a lot of junk search engine results.

— You can also try a Google wildcard search ( using a * ) to factor in a middle name or initial in your search: “James * Smith” or “Mary * Smith”

— Don’t forget to search for alternative names on Google – like searching Jim for James or Bob for Robert.

— Try your Google search with and without any known nicknames that the person has been known by.

— For married females, don’t forget to search using maiden names, if known.

— If Google returns too many search results for common first and last names, use personal identifiers in your search to zero in on the person you are trying to find. If you know the person’s city, profession, relatives’ names, colleges or schools attended, or any personal identifiers, include these words in your search.