YoName.com Free People Search Postings

The free people search site YoName.com offers a person finder posting service for people looking to find and reconnect with past friends and family.

You simply enter your personal and contact information as well as the information about the person you are trying to find and YoName.com will create a posting with that information that can be indexed by the major search engines like Google.

If the person you are trying to find, or someone they know, comes across the posting in an internet search, they can then contact you through YoName.com.

The service assumes to some degree that the person you are searching for will Google themselves or will be Googled by a friend or family member and that your posting will be found. Depending on how common the person’s name is, this could be assuming quite a bit. However, the YoName.com free people search posting service is worth a try.

You can use the YoName people finder posting service at YoName.com.