Troy Dunn’s “The Locator” TV Series Renewed By We TV

WE TV has announced their plans to renews Troy Dunn’s people search series The Locator for a second season.

The Locator’s second season is due to start in February 2009.

The hit people search series originally premiered on September 6 and was watched by more than 1.3 million people. The Locator stars professional people finder and investigator Troy Dunn. Troy Dunn has over 18 years of experience searching for and finding thousands of missing people and solving some of the most difficult missing persons cases.

Season 2 of The Locator will include 14 new episodes.

The 2nd season of The Locator will include episodes on an adopted girl seeking to meet her birth mother and sisters and a terminally ill mother wanting to reunite with her daughter. A team of people search professionals, including Troy’s mother Katie, helps Troy find the missing person and prepares both parties for the eventual reunion.

The Locator cases typically involve adoptees seeking biological parents, siblings separated at birth, unique situations where people have been separated from relatives or friends by a divorce, a move or tragic situations.

Troy uses his people search expertise and extensive search networks to help people looking for answers, closure and peace in their personal lives. At the end of every episode, there are discoveries for the people trying to find missing pieces of their past.

In his 18-year career, Troy Dunn has found thousands of people, reuniting them with relatives and friends in all fifty states and throughout numerous countries. Troy Dunn has successfully solved some of the toughest missing-persons cases.

For more information on The Locator TV series, visit We TV’s site at We TV The Locator.