Phone Validator – Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Search

Phone Validator is another great search service provided by Crime Time Publishing that should be a part of every skip tracer’s toolbox. The Phone Validator reverse phone number lookup allows users to reverse any US phone number to determine if the number is a landline or cell phone number.

You can use the Phone Validator lookup to reverse search any US phone number to find out if the number is a cell phone number or landline number as well as the telephone service provider that the phone number is associated.

The Phone Validator reverse lookup provides the following information from a phone number search.

1. Landline or cell phone number information.

2. Phone number service provider.

3. The US location that the phone number is associated with.

4. A handy link to to see if the phone number has a directory assistance listing.

5. A search engine link to Google to find out if there are any listings for the phone number on the web. Search engines like Google are often very good for finding information online regarding unpublished phone numbers and cell phone numbers.

You can check out the Phone Validator at