PeekYou People Search Engine Review by has given a bad review to the recent open beta launch of the PeekYou people search engine. The Webware review recommends using the people search while we anxiously await the beta launch of the coming people search engine.

According to the Webware review on PeekYou —

1. PeekYou claims to have 50 million people listings in its search engine database, but numerous listings can be found for one person, including over 700 for President George Bush alone.

2. There is not way to tell who’s who in a list of people with the same name.

3. The PeekYou people search database is full of useless or outdated personal information and social network links.

4. The PeekYou people search site isn’t ready for public access and not worth user’s time.

You can read the entire review of Webware’s review of the PeekYou people search site @ PeekYou people search can’t find Jack