Military Buddies Reunited After 50 Years Apart & Decades of Searching

Here is a great story about how simple internet searches in the “age of Google” are reuniting people with past friends and family …

Two military buddies from two different countries were recently reunited after 50 years apart, thanks to the power that internet searching has given people to find one another.

Army officer Gene Kean was reunited with his friend Anh Vo, a former South Vietnamese army colonel, after 50 years apart and decades of searching.

Vo traveled to Lawrence Kansas on April 25 to meet with Kean after searching for him for decades.

“We are very happy,” Vo said. “I didn’t think I could find him, but I tried. I tried many times.”

The two military friends met in 1958 at the U.S. Army Engineer School in Fort Belvoir, VA, when Vo arrived in the US for training, after graduating from the Military Academy of Vietnam.

The friendship grew from that point on. Vo said he would practice his English with Kean. Kean taught him how to play football and played the piano for them. Kean even invited Vo and another officer to his home in Olathe to spend Christmas in Kansas.

When Vo graduated from the officers’ school in 1959, the two went their separate ways.

Vo’s son finally helped find Kean using free people search sites on the internet, and the two friends were finally reunited.

The two military buddies say their next reunion will be much sooner.

“We’ll try to keep meeting, if we have the chance to,” Vo said. “We don’t know how long we’ll be alive, so we’ll take time to enjoy it. We’re very close, very good friends. He’s a brother.”

Source: Kansas man reunited with friend after 50 years