Googling Exposes CIA Operations

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune and summarized by PC Pro News, a series of internet searches have revealed private and personal details on thousands of CIA operatives.

From the article —

The paper conceded to the CIA’s request not to publish either its findings or the methods it used. But it says the searches it conducted through free and paid-for online databases turned up a ‘virtual directory’ of 2,653 CIA staff, 50 internal agency phone numbers and the sites of two dozen secret facilities across the US.

Some of those uncovered were intelligence analysts. Others were senior officials such as ex CIA Director George Tenet. The list also included undercover agents who are potential terrorist targets and others located in American embassies in Europe.

Online searches for the CIA’s secretive training camp, Camp Peary, of which the agency has never publicly admitted its existence, unearthed 26 individuals employed there. A further search of aviation databases for planes using the camp’s airstrip identified 17 aircraft whose ownership and flight history was also available.

You can read the entire article @ CIA agents find themselves Googled.