Google Earth Captures Images of Nude Sunbathers

Google Earth satellite images have become notorious for capturing images of ancient ruins, military installations as well as missile sites.

In yet another bizarre example of the spying power of wired technology in the hands of the public, the UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that Google Earth’s satellite images have caught nude sunbathers in the Netherlands. Ubiquitous computer programs and wired networks are recording and displaying the everyday activities of people. With web searches and Google Earth satellite images, all the world has truly become a stage – and not always for the better.

From the article —

When most people use virtual globe Google Earth, they look up such sights as Sydney Opera House, Big Ben or even their own homes.

But two of the computer program’s users got an extra surprise when they explored the Dutch city of the Hague – and spotted topless sunbathers.

A Dutch blogger looking for his favourite pub accidentally zeroed in on a man wearing just shorts, lying on the roof of a house by a canal.

A woman lying face down on a separate rooftop terrace was spied by an unknown browser who mentioned it on an online forum.

The sunbathers found their way on to Google Earth because they were catching a tan when the satellite used for mapping the planet was passing overhead.

Source: Daily Mail