Son Finds Father on Facebook After 37 Years

A father and son from the United Kingdom have reunited after 37 years thanks to a people search on Facebook.

The son, Andy Spiers-Corbett, was only two years old when his parents separated. That was his last contact with his father Graham Corbett.

Over the years the two men have spent countless hours trying to find each other. Even though they only live a half hour away from each other, their search for one another seemed to go nowhere.

Then one day Andy, now 39, did a people search on Facebook for his father’s name. Andy recognized his father’s picture from a list of men named Graham Corbett.

He then sent a message to Graham through Facebook and in a few days he received the response: ‘Hello son’.

Since a the Facebook contact a few weeks ago, the two men pair have met in person.

Through the reunion, Andy has learned that he has two half-brothers and a half-sister along with nieces and nephews.

Andy said, ‘there’s been a big part missing for so long but now everything is all right. It’s such a wonderful feeling. The internet is an amazing invention.’

[ source: Daily Mail ]