Facial Recognition Site Face.com Indexes 52 Million People

The facial recognition site Face.com indexed 7 billion photos in the last year and has over 52 million faces identified with its photo tagging and photo search applications on Facebook.

Face.com is expanding its reach to include the entire web by offering a developer option that lets users embed the facial recognition software on any site.

The site’s Photo Finder lets you find pictures of yourself or friends that are untagged and their Photo Tagger lets people collect face pics that can then be tagged with names.

Face.com has become a hit with Facebook users since the social network is now the web’s largest photo-sharing site, with nearly 2 billion photos per month being added.

Their facial recognition tool is even accurate enough to identify faces in pictures that were taken in bad lighting with poor focus. People wearing eyeglasses, hiding under facial hair and even people in costumes can be accurately identified by Face.com.

Face.com claims to use the same privacy protection policies that Facebook uses, which doesn’t do much to alleviate privacy concerns.

Other facial recognition software on the market includes Apple’s iPhoto software, Google’s Picasa, and Polar Rose.

The video below provides an nice overview of how Face.com apps are used on Facebook –

[ Source: VentureBeat.com ]