Online Dating Predator Charged By Police

John Wesley Mcree
John Wesley Mcree

Police in San Marcos, Texas have arrested a man on aggravated assault charges, who is believed to be an online dating predator.

The man they arrested is John Wesley Mcree, 38, who was using a fake profile on the popular online dating site “Plenty of Fish.” Mcree’s online dating profile claimed that he was a firefighter from San Antonio, TX by the name of Dylan Ericsson.

Police detectives caught Mcree by setting up their own fake dating profile on “Plenty of Fish” and arranging a date with him. That date ended with his arrest.

Mcree allegedly made contact with a woman on “Plenty of Fish” and drugged her drink when they met at her home on October 26th. According to police investigators, the drug made the woman sick and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

According to court records, Mcree not only has a history of using fake identities; he also has a criminal history as well.

In addition to the fictitious name Dylan Ericsson, Mcree has also operated under the name Richard Dustin Jessop.

Mcree has arrest warrants out for him in four other Texas counties on criminal charges that range from theft and fraud to identify theft.

Mcree’s criminal past also includes drunk driving and property theft.

Mcree is currently being held in the Hays County Jail and the bond for his online dating assault charge was set at $300,000.

Mcree’s ex-wife told reporters that she is not shocked by the criminal allegations against him. She said that Mcree drugged her back in 2013 when they were still married. Mcree’s ex-wife also said that she met him online before they got married.

Mcree’s ex-wife said that one time she found something at the bottom of her glass while she was drinking with him.

Mcree’s ex-wife doesn’t think that the search for more victims will be difficult.

She said that she has had several women contact her over the years that had similar stories about being drugged and victimized by him.

The San Marcos Police Department now wants to find out if Mcree has tried this with any other women that he has met.

According to police, this type of crime is usually part of a pattern of behavior that involves other victims.

The San Marcos Police Department is trying to find any other women who may have been drugged, assaulted or victimized by Mcree.

If you have any additional information about John Mcree, you can contact the San Marcos police at 512-753-2106 or 512-753-2312.