Man Uses Online Dating Sites to Steal $140,000 From Women

Law enforcement officials believe that Solomon Jesus Nasser, from Greenburgh, NY, successfully used a series of online dating scams to steal $140,000 from women.

Nasser would target professional women on internet dating sites like as well as social networks with fraudulent personal stories about him being a multimillionaire; a CIA agent; a Department of Defense official; a personal friend of President George W. Bush and a high-level military commander.

After gaining their trust with his lies, Nasser managed to convince some of the women to “loan” him close to $140,000, according to prosecutors.

Nasser was arraigned on 1/28/2010 on a five count indictment that includes multiple felonies.

According to Westchester, NY District Attorney Janet DiFiore – “Soon after meeting the women, he would explain to them that he was currently in a dire financial state and that he and his ex-wife were in a contentious battle over child support or he had been sued” and that “either way, the court had frozen all his assets and he did not have money to live day-to-day.”

Nasser allegedly ran his dating scam during a three year period that ran from July 2005 to March 2008.

Nasser used dating sites, including and to find potential victims for his scam.

According to reports, Nasser scammed over $114,000 from one victim alone. He also scammed as much as $24,764 from a second woman.

Fraud investigators from DiFiore’s department started an investigation into Nasser’s dating scam in April 2010 due to a complaint against him.

New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance assisted in the investigation, and discoverd that Nasser had avoided paying taxes with interest and penalties totaling $17,400.

Nasser has been charged with second and third-degree grand larceny, first-degree scheme to defraud and filing false tax returns, which are all felonies. He has also been charged with fifth-degree criminal tax fraud, a misdemeanor.

Nasser faces five to 15 years in jail for the top charge.

After his arraignment, Nasser was sent to Westchester County jail without bail.

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