Breakup Apps Help People End Relationships

Breakup Shop
The Breakup Shop

First there were online dating sites, then came the online dating apps and now there are new apps for people who want to break off an unwanted relationship.

As the old saying goes: “there are plenty of fish in the sea” – and inventive app creators have come up with some new ways to release your bad catches.

Why?… “Cause breaking up is hard to do.”

The last month of the year seems to be a popular time to break up with someone. In fact, data analysis of social network connections shows that break ups go up significantly in the two weeks before Christmas.

A new anti-dating app called The Breakup Shop promises to help people call it quits with another person for various fees that range from $5.00 – $80.00 in price.

The Breakup Shop is the brainchild of two brothers, Evan and Mackenzi Keast. The idea was born after Mackenzi had his own bad experience with a breakup when his girlfriend dumped him without any communication or explanation.

That was when Evan and Mackenzi realized that there are a large number of online dating sites and apps for helping people find relationships with other people, so why not a service that helps people end a bad relationship.

The Breakup Shop will send your outdated significant other a breakup message via regular mail, email, text messaging or Snapchat with plans and options that range from kind and caring to sadistic and cruel.

Kind and caring breakup messages include a farewell gift of boxed cookies along with a DVD of The Notebook; while sadistic and cruel breakup messages can include a picture attachment of you with your new love interest.

A standard breakup text from The Breakup Shop starts at $10.00; while a breakup text sent along with a bouquet of flowers runs around $48.00.

Breakup letters sent via snail mail start at $20.00 and breakup emails cost around $10.00.

The Breakup Shop will even have a live person place a breakup call to your soon-to-be ex for around $30.00.

This service could be especially handy, although expensive, for some people who are known to be serial daters on dating apps like Tinder.

However, not all of The Breakup Store’s customer stories end on a bad note. A 29-year-old woman named Samantha from Monterey, California said that after sending a breakup text to her inattentive boyfriend, Ron, he went out and bought an engagement ring and proposed to her that same day.

According to Samantha, the breakup text made Ron realize that he didn’t want to lose her.

Here is an excerpt from Samantha’s testimonial to The Breakup Shop:

“That text woke me up,” Ron said, “I realized I’ve been face-down in my phone for way too long, and I can’t lose someone as good as you.”

Samantha and Ron are now happily married.

Another app called KillSwitch goes even further by removing online digital traces of your past relationships from Facebook and other social media sites. KillSwitch claims to remove any embarrassing or painful “kissy pictures,” “gushing posts” or “sappy statuses” that you have posted on Facebook and tagged with your ex’s name.

Even Facebook has released a service called “breakup flow” that allows users to digitally erase any Facebook connections to their ex by untagging pictures and removing their name from your old posts and newsfeed.

So while online dating and social media sites have made it easier for people to meetup, there is now a growing list of online services and apps to help people breakup.

Eat your heart out, OkCupid.