Never Forgotten Missing Persons Search For Arkansas

There are currently over 500 active missing persons cases in the state of Arkansas. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced this week that the state has created a special site that allows the public to search and find information on all open missing persons cases in Arkansas.

Never Forgotten Missing Persons Search

The site is called Never Forgotten ( ), and you can search for missing people on the site by full name, age range, date missing or last known location. You can also search for people on the Never Forgotten site by attributes like gender, race, eye color or hair color.

The site contains information on missing children as well as missing adults. The current age range for missing people that can be found on the Never Forgotten site is from 2 years old to 99 years old.

The previous Arkansas statewide missing persons search only had information for about 10 percent of the missing persons cases in the state. Missing persons cases could only be added to the old site through a special request by police departments.

According to some elected officials in Arkansas, a number of people with missing family members in Arkansas were demanding a comprehensive, up-to-date missing persons search for the whole state.

People who have missing family members in Arkansas are being encouraged to share as much information on their missing family members as possible with local police departments. Local police agencies in Arkansas can submit this information along with any recent photographs to the ACIC to be added to the database for the Never Forgotten missing persons search.

The Never Forgotten missing persons search was setup by the Arkansas Crime Information Center along with the Arkansas Attorney General’s office. The site was created to raise public awareness about ongoing missing persons cases and provide easy-to-access information on these cases. The site will also help the Arkansas State Police work with the FBI, local law enforcement and everyday people to help solve the state’s missing persons cases.

There are a number of law enforcement agencies and missing persons organizations that also contribute information and support for the Never Forgotten site, including: the Arkansas State Police, the Arkansas State Crime Lab, the Little Rock FBI division, the Morgan Nick Foundation, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police and the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association.