LexisNexis & LinkedIn.com Partner On Legal Social Networking

LexisNexis, a data provider for the legal professions, has announced a partnership with professional social network LinkedIn.com. The arrangement will allow LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell legal network to offer social networking for attorneys. In Addition, links to Martindale-Hubbell legal news and information will be added to the LinkedIn social network.

A recent survey by Leader Networks showed the benefits of having LinkedIn.com profiles accessible on martindale.com. The survey found that attorneys are increasingly looking for online networks that meet their law-related business needs.

The survey found:

1. Even though 54 percent of lawyers say they belong to a social network, less than 10 percent say social networks benefit them in their practice of law.

2. 54 percent of corporate lawyers and 41 percent of private practice lawyers say that linking to other lawyers or growing their legal social network as the most important use for an online professional.

3. Over 40 percent of all attorneys surveyed reported being interested in joining a professional social networking site for legal professionals.

Source: MarketWatch.com