Software That Can Detect Liquid Explosives

This technology is right on time with the new security and terrorism concerns over liquid explosives. is reporting on a new technology that can tell the difference between harmless liquids ( like shampoos and sports drinks ) and liquid explosives.

From the article —

You may think your new shampoo is “the bomb,” but to an airport security guard looking at it under X-ray machine, it may look like an actual bomb.

However, a company in Virginia has technology that can help airport security screeners tell if a container of liquid is an explosive as it passes through airport X-ray machines.

Guardian Technologies International is in talks with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to use its PinPoint image analysis software in conjunction with airport X-ray machines to tell the difference between explosives and organic items such as shampoo, clothes and food in carry-on baggage, according to a company executive.

The technology could be good news for airport passengers who are unhappy that new TSA regulations mandate they are no longer allowed to bring liquid items, including shampoo, water and perfume, onto airplanes. The move came Thursday after U.K. officials arrested individuals they believed to be part of a terrorist plot to bring liquid explosives onto a plane to assemble a bomb.

You can read the entire article @ Software Detects Difference Between Shampoo, Explosives.