GoDaddy Censors Police-Watchdog Website

When criticism of public officials and law enforcement officials is silenced, what you effectively have is a police state.’s Threat Level blog has posted a piece about web hosting provider’s removal of a police-watchdog website called allows people to rate and post opinions on the uniformed police officers in their community. The controversial site is trying to restore service after stopped providing service to the site in light of criticism from law enforcement officials. has given conflicting excuses for its decision to remove, which does not do much for the credibility of a major web hosting provider.

Rate My Cop founder Gino Sesto says he was given no advance notice from GoDaddy about the suspension of service.

Police departments were bothered by RateMyCop’s plans to watch police officers in January, when the Culver City, California, startup began issuing public information requests for lists of uniformed officers.

The website has been online since February 28th. It stores names and, in some cases, badge numbers on 140,000 cops in approximately 500 police departments, and allows users to post opinions about the police they’ve dealt with.

The site does not list information on undercover officers and does not list personal information on police officers like home phone numbers or residential addresses.

Officers can also use the site to respond to posted criticisms.

A GoDaddy spokeswoman stated that the company wouldn’t comment on the issue due to its privacy policy. Sesto is currently arranging web hosting with another company.

The site is currently live @