Fighting Crime With Videos

A growing number of people, business owners and police departments are using videos to fight crime and capture alleged criminals.

According to a recent article, a cigar shop owner in Mesa, AZ recently uploaded a security camera video recording of two people that stole two Seiko watches from his store, in an effort to embarrass and catch the thieves. The shoplifter video was viewed over 30,000 times.

Eventually, local law enforcement caught the culprits, when the stolen watches were found at a pawn shop not far from the cigar store where they were stolen. Although it is unclear if the video played any role in the capture of the shoplifters, it highlights a new form of citizen crime fighting, using video sharing and social networking sites.

In another story, the Johnson City Police Department in Tennessee claims to have successfully used video clips to catch wanted criminals.

You can view one of the Johnson City Police Department wanted criminals videos below —



Crime videos are some of the most popular online video clips and routinely generate thousands of views, making them one more useful tool in catching criminals.