Bounty Hunter Arrested For Double Murder

Kevin Watkins
Indiana Bounty Hunter Kevin Watkins

A professional bail bondsman and bounty hunter has been arrested and is being held on two counts of murder over the disappearance of two teenage boys in Indianapolis, Indiana on Christmas Eve.

Kevin Watkins, 49, was charged for the murders of Dionne Williams, 16, and Timmee Jackson, 15, after Dionne’s mother, Amber Partlow, discovered gruesome evidence at Watkins’ home, after searching the neighborhood for her son on Christmas day. Partlow called the police after she found dried blood on some leaves and grass in Watkins’ front yard.

Some of the blood had been cleaned up before the police arrived on the scene on December 25th, but a significant amount of dried blood, human remains and other forensic evidence was still found by police at Watkins’ residence as well as his place of business. Police also found blood on the seats of Watkins’ sport utility vehicle. Brain matter was also discovered on the walkway in front of his home.

Police found a bloody rake and a bloody trash bag that contained blood-soaked clothing that belonged to the boys as well as leaves, toilet paper and a human fingertip.

Police also searched the location for Watkins’ bail bond business and found pieces of human bones along with some discarded bloody clothing and shoes in the dumpster outside.

It is not known exactly when the two teenagers were killed. However, a surveillance camera captured video of Watkins discarding some objects in a trash dumpster located at his bail bond business at 6001 Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis. He was also caught on video meeting with someone at his business who was driving a white Ford truck at around 10:40 p.m. on Christmas Eve. The driver was recorded carrying items to his truck and then drove away.

Watkins turned himself in to Indianapolis homicide detectives, but denied knowing anything about the blood and other evidence found at his home and business.

However, Watkins’ daughter accused Dionne of breaking into Watkins’ house the week before his disappearance. Records show that Kevin Watkins did report a break in to police on the night of December 19th. He told police in an affidavit that he believed Dionne was responsible for stealing a number of belongings from his home, including several guns and a large flat-panel television.

The other victim, Timmee Jackson, was on a work release from prison after being incarcerated for two years.

So far, the two bodies have not been found. Police are still waiting for results to come back from a DNA testing lab to determine if the blood and other remains belongs to the teens.

Watkins has been a licensed bail bondsman in the state of Indiana since 1997. His license was revoked for four years from 2002 to 2006 due to a tax lien issue that was eventually resolved.

In addition, Watkins has had previous run ins with the police. On January 21, 2006 he was arrested for for refusing to identify himself and resisting police during a disorderly conduct incident. Criminal charges were never filed over that incident and Watkins was released the next day.

Watkins was arrested again on January 15, 2013 on drug paraphernalia and possession charges and a nuisance charge. Once again, he was released the next day. All three of these criminal charges were dismissed in October 2013.

Watkins has pleaded not guilty to the two murder charges that he is currently facing.