To Catch a Cheating Wife or Cheating Husband

Pat Burson from the Seattle Times has written an excellent article on ways to catch a cheating wife or cheating husband. The article discusses the use of high tech spy gadgets, including GPS tracking systems and newly-available chips that can be placed in your spouse’s cell phone to secretly record conversations, to buying infidelity kits; hiring a private investigator or using your own investigative senses to conduct a do-it-yourself infidelity investigation.

An infidelity poll of more than 19,000 anonymously-surveyed married men and women revealed that 13% of married women and 22% of married men admitted to having an extramarital affair.

From the article —

So, how can you be so sure they are — or aren’t?

Relationship and infidelity experts, private investigators, technology specialists and divorce attorneys say if you know the subtle and not-so-subtle signs to look for, they’ll point you to the answer.

You can put your five senses to work. Or you can shell out hundreds — or thousands — of dollars to hire a private detective. You also can invest in the newest high-tech products on the market — computer spyware, electronic tracking devices, in-home evidence-gathering kits among them — in an effort to catch cheating mates.

For more details on the how-to’s of catching a cheating wife or cheating husband, you can read the entire article @ Spy gadgets and private eyes can help you catch a cheating spouse.

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