Celebrity Private Eye In Trouble

The American Daily is reporting that high-profile private eye to the stars Tony Pellicano is the subject of an ongoing federal investigation into illegal wiretapping. The investigation has the potential to include a who’s who list of entertainment and political celebrity figures.

From the article —

There are probably two private detectives who are considered the leading private eyes for the stars: Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl on the east coast, and Anthony Pellicano on the west coast.

Of the two only one — Tony Pellicano — is the subject of an ongoing federal investigation into illegal wiretapping by a high-profile private detective in Hollywood known as The Pelican. Two witnesses — his ex-girlfriend, and the other police officer — on Tuesday pleaded guilty to having lied to a grand jury about the detective’s use of wiretaps and other illegal tactics.

These pleas, one coming from the former wife of the actor Keith Carradine, add grist for the mill of a criminal case that some suspect will rise into the highest echelons of the Hollywood elite. When the investigation first began, the studio establishment in Los Angeles was on the edge of their seats. Suddenly The Pelican’s client list became a list of suspects for the feds.

At the center of this blossoming investigation is Anthony Pellicano. Until the time the police raided his Hollywood offices in 2002, he was hailed as one of the most successful private detectives in the city, with a roster of clients that included A-list actors and some of the industry’s most important lawyers who represent Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson and many other showbiz bigwigs.

Pellicano is already in prison on federal charges of possessing explosives and grenades at his office, although he is due to be released on parole next month. So far, the federal government has filed no new charges against him, but federal investigators aren’t finished with their widening probe.

The Pelican was also suspected of being retained by Bill and Hillary Clinton as part of their network of goons who harassed women who were considered a political liability for Bill Clinton while he was president. The well-paid private eye may have been involved in the Clintons’ clandestine activities such as digging up dirt on those they deemed a threat.

You can read the entire article by Jim Kouri @ Hollywood Private Eye to the Stars and the Clintons in Hot Water

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