Web Sites Reveal Who’s “Googling” You

Internet statistics show that people “Google” a person’s name around 50 million times per day.

Atlanta resident Brandyn Briley is a frequent “Googler”. She uses various web search engines like Google and Yahoo to lookup information on potential clients, her children and even herself.

Web 2.0 sites like Naymz.com and Ziggs.com now give people like Briley a tool to keep track of when another person is doing a web search on them.

Tim Demello, from Ziggs.com, says, “What it does for the individual is it really gives them a strong sense of who is out there tracking them.”

Demello compares the Ziggs technology to caller ID for the world wide web.

Whenever a person searches for and clicks on a Ziggs.com profile, the site sends the profile owner an email alert, detailing the searcher’s location, the web search engine that was used, and the search phrase that the person used to find the profile.

Demello noted, “If someone types their name into Google, we track that through and send them a real time e-mail saying you are being searched from Chicago at 8:52 on a Friday.”

Ziggs can trace web searches of its users’ profiles down to the street and block level.

However, Ziggs won’t give you information about the name or address of the person doing the searching.

Demello said, “We don’t provide the name of the person searching, and the primary reason is that we believe very strongly in privacy.”

Source: CBS46.com