How Much Googling on Google is Going on? reports the following facts and information on how often people search for other people on Google ( “Googling” ).

If you haven’t yet popped your name into a Google search box to see what turns up, give it a try. Others will.

A recent survey found that 77 percent of recruiters use search engines to learn more about job candidates. Will they like what they find?

Maybe you started dating that next someone special. Want to bet that he or she is checking online to see if you’re as special, or as single, as you say?

Every day, there are upwards of 50 million searches for a proper name, according to Search Engine Watch. People Google themselves, their friends, old school chums, potential new mates, former co-workers and that girl you dated when you were 16.

If your name doesn’t pop up somewhere, you live in a cave and have not been seen by anyone in the past 15 years.

Source: They’re Googling you — so look good online