Google Search – Finding Information With Special Google Search Features

With the constant growth of the internet, the question isn’t whether or not the information you are searching for is out there, but, rather, how do you find your needle in the web’s haystack of data?

For skip tracers and investigators who want to mine the web to find people and information, it is important to learn the tools available for getting what you want out of your web searches.  Gone are the days when you could type in a few keywords and hit a search button to get what you wanted, especially with the growing number of keyword spammers who will do anything to get their web sites positioned at the top of search engine results.

Skip tracers and investigators who learn to use the special features of Google searching will be ahead of their colleagues, when it comes to finding people, public records and other job-related data.  You can read about some of these tools and tricks at Searching The Internet For Information The Google Way  by Sandra Stammberger @ .

In addition, we will be discussing additional Google search features and web search techniques in upcoming blog posts.

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