Google Privacy Dashboard Shows What Google Knows About You

Google has been the target of much criticism lately regarding how much information they record on people who use their search engine and other web services as well as how they use this information.

In an effort to make their personal data more public, Google has launched a privacy dashboard for users who want to find out exacly what information Google has collected about their online activity as well as control their privacy settings for Google services from one central location.

Google’s privacy dashboard covers personal information collected from over 20 of Google’s services services, including Gmail, Google Docs, Search History, Orkut,, Picasa, Google Talk, Google Reader, Google Alerts, Google Latitude and more.

The Google dashboard can reveal just how much personal information and online activity data you’re providing Google when you use their search engine and other web services.

You can watch the video below for more information on how the Google Privacy Dashboard works: