Google Ordered to Reveal Identity of Anonymous Blogger

The New York State Supreme Court has ordered Google to reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger who posted defamatory comments about model Liskula Cohen on Google’s Blogger site.

Google fought to keep the blogger’s identity anonymous. However a judge ordered Google to hand over the blogger’s internet IP address, rejecting the legal claim that the online comments were “personal opinions”.

Protection of anonymous speech is a complex legal issue. Protection of anonymous opinions vary by state. In some states, the plaintiff only needs to prove that the request to reveal the blogger is being made in good faith. In other states, the plaintiff has to show evidence that damage has been done to their reputation.

Cohen stated that the anonymous blogger’s posts made it harder for her to find modeling work since the blog along with posted pics often came up in her job interviews. Cohen claimed the blogger’s comments labeling her as “skanky” and being a “ho” defamed her “serial monogamist” traits. Since this legal case was decided by the New York State Supreme Court it’s likely that the court’s opinion will carry significant legal weight and insuring that the controversial debate over anonymous internet opinions will continue to rage on.

Source: PCWorld

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