A Faster Google Search Engine Called “Caffeine”

Google, in response to the increasing competition to its search engine dominance from Microsoft Bing and other search engines, is raising the stakes with their work on a new web search technology that will speed up the indexing of search results.

Some web developers have been invited by Google search to test a new search engine and give their input. The graphical layout of the new search engine hasn’t changed, but the underlying search technology is getting upgraded. Google engineers hope the new search technology will index new content faster and reduce delay between the time new web content is published and the time it appears in a Google search engine results.

According to a Google spokesperson: “”Google is always working on new technologies to improve the quality of our search services. We hope this new system will improve search in the areas of speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.”

Google’s new search engine technology has been dubbed “Caffeine”.

Google is also improving the freshness of its search results by including real-time results and more current news, along with updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Source: UK Telegraph