DNA Database Finds Woman’s Biological Father

Family PuzzleScore another successful people search for DNA testing services. A woman has found her birth father after a long search.

Jordon Goulder grew up thinking that the man who helped raise her was her biological father. When she was 22 years old, the man that she thought was her father died and that is when she found out that he was not her birth father. Due to fertility problems, her parents had made the decision to use an anonymous sperm donor to get pregnant. The decision was also made to keep this a secret from Jordon until her father died.

As soon as she found out the truth, Jordon was interested in finding out who her biological father was and she began to search for him. However, due to patient privacy issues, she was unable to gain access to her birth father’s personal and contact information. These privacy roadblocks abruptly ended her search for her father.

A few years later, Jordon decided to have her DNA tested with the major consumer DNA testing services. She submitted her DNA sample to three of the major DNA testing services: 23andMe, AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA.

She received various pieces of family information from all three services that helped her find members of her biological family, including her father.

On 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA, she found a second cousin on her biological father’s side of the family. However, her results on AncestryDNA revealed the identity of a man who is probably her biological father. Through a name search on Facebook, Jordon was able to find pictures on his social media profile. Those online photos showed a man that had similar facial features as Jordon. From her father’s Facebook profile, Jordan was also able to find a likely half sister that lives near her in Oregon.

Although consumer DNA databases like 23andMe were not originally created with the intention of helping people find long-lost and unknown family members, a growing number of people are using these databases for this purpose. As more people use these DNA testing services, the probability that people will find close or distant family members on these sites goes up as well.

Jordon has attempted to contact her biological father through social media and the Ancestry site. However, for reasons unknown to her, he has not responded to her attempts to communicate with him.