Smart Video Cameras Lookout for Terrorists

A recent CNN report describes a new breed of smart video camera that is being developed by General Electric. The new smart cameras will be able to detect explosives, even under clothing, by monitoring electromagnetic waves that the devices give off. The cameras will also pinpoint faces and detect erratic body movements among individuals in public.

From the article —

It sounds like something out of science fiction.

Researchers at General Electric Co.’s sprawling research center, are creating new “smart video surveillance” systems that can detect explosives by recognizing the electromagnetic waves given off by objects, even under clothing.

Scientist Peter Tu and his team are also developing programs that can recognize faces, pinpoint distress in a crowd by honing in on erratic body movements and synthesize the views of several cameras into one bird’s eye view, as part of a growing effort to thwart terrorism.

“We’re definitely on the cutting edge,” said Tu, 39. “If you want to reduce risk, video is the way to do it. The threat is always evolving, so our video is always evolving.”

You can read the entire article @ Video cameras on the lookout for terrorists.