British Intelligence Use Text Messages in Psychological War

The Sun Online is reporting on a high tech psychological warfare technique being used by the British Military’s Psychological Operations Group: instead of dropping ominous leaflets over enemy lines, they are sending SMS text messages directly to their cell phones and mobile devices.

From the article —

TALIBAN fighters in Afghanistan are being bombarded by a devastating new British weapon — the text message.

Intelligence chiefs find out the numbers of the enemy’s mobile phones then send them waves of messages to confuse them and destroy morale, The Sun can reveal.

Texts range from simple abuse such as “We know who you are, give up” or “Go home, you’ll never beat us”. Others are disguised as messages from comrades to spread duff information. And attacks on Royal Marine commandos in lawless Helmand province are DOWN in the last month since the mind games began.

The text attacks are carried out by the 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group, based at the Intelligence Corps’ HQ in Chicksands, Beds.

A military source in Afghanistan said: “If they know their fight is pointless, they are quite likely to give up.”

Source: Blitzed by text messages