Woman Reunites With Birth Mom On Facebook

Aimee Sordelli & Kate Hindes
Aimee Sordelli ( left ) reunited with daughter Kate Hindes ( right )

Thanks to the social networking power of Facebook, a Minnesota woman has been reunited with her birth mother for the first time in 34 years.

Everyone knows that Facebook has helped countless people reunite with old friends and find long-lost family members, but this Facebook reunion story happened in record speed. Facebook has now taken the concept of six degrees of separation and turned it into two hours of separation.

After posting her people search request on Facebook, Kate-Madonna Hindes, 34, found her birth mother, Aimee Sordelli, 52, in less than two hours.

On June 15th, Kate posted a message on Facebook telling people that she was searching for a woman named Aimee who lived in Oak Park, Illinois in 1981. Kate also posted an old photo of Aimee and a letter that Aimee had written for Kate when she gave her up for adoption. Aimee found out about the post within two short hours and contacted Hindes through her Facebook account.

The mother and daughter were finally reunited face-to-face on July 22nd at Minnesota St Paul International Airport.

Although Kate requested and received the official forms to find out the identity of her birth mother three years ago, she never completed them. However, six months ago, after she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, Kate decided it was time to finally find her birth mother.

Even after Kate submitted the paperwork, it took the adoption agency several months to find her adoption file. After months of waiting and wondering, the adoption agency called Kate on June 15th and told her that they had found her file and it contained a photo of her birth mother along with a letter from her.

Within just a few minutes for receiving the information from the adoption agency, Kate posted a people search request on Facebook, asking for help finding and locating her birth mother. Soon after Kate posted the information, photo and letter, Aimee was told by a family member that there was an old photo of her on Facebook.

As soon as Aimee saw the old photo on Facebook, she knew that the only person who could have posted it was the daughter that she gave up for adoption 34 years ago. Aimee sent Kate a message on Facebook, letting her know that she was the woman that Kate was searching for.

Aimee gave birth to Kate when she was just 16 years old. Aimee is also an adoptee and said that she gave Kate up for adoption because she was unable to take care of her and wanted her to have a better life.

Aimee also tried to find her own birth mother at one time, but her search ended badly when her birth mother refused to meet her. She said that she did not want to initiate a meeting with Kate, but, rather, she had hoped that her daughter would try to find her when she was ready.

After she met her mother at the airport last Friday, Kate posted a thank you to all of the people on Facebook who helped her find Aimee.

Kate said that she can’t believe how fast she found her birth mother through Facebook. She said that this shows how social media has connected people and how lost people can now be found online with the help of others.

Thanks to people-powered social media sites like Facebook, there was only two hours of separation between an adopted woman and her birth mother.