How To Quit Facebook

As Facebook privacy problems grow and people learn that Facebook often shares their personal information with third party data mining sites, more users are opting to quit the Facebook social network.

A Google search for “how to quit Facebook” finds over 18 million results. In addition, some prominent technology professionals, like Google’s Matt Cutts, are removing their Facebook profiles.

Peter Rojas, founder of the Engadget and Gizmodo blogs, told ABC News recently about his decision to quit Facebook: “I was spending more time managing my account than actually using my account. Having to constantly monitor the privacy settings was way too complicated. You can never be sure if you actually caught everything.”

Facebook gives people two ways to halt their use of the social network:

[1] Deactivate – found under your account settings, this option freezes your Facebook profile and removes it from searches on Facebook, but all of your information is saved in case you decide to reactivate your account in the future.

Deactivated Facebook profiles are removed from community pages. Tags on pictures are removed. Facebook status updates are removed.

Users are allowed to keep their Facebook profiles deactivated for an unlimited amount of time.

[2] Delete – this is your nuclear option for ending your Facebook profile. You can find out how to delete your Facebook account by visiting their Help Center and searching for “delete account”. Facebook waits 14 days to remove deleted user profiles.

According to Facebook policy, some profile information can be kept by Facebook for “technical reasons.”

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