Use of Open-Source Data Mining and Business Intelligence Software Growing

According to a recent Computer World article, the use of open source business intelligence software for data mining is doubling every year.

While commercial business intelligence software makers are still viewed as having the best data mining technology on the market, the open source business intelligence software offerings are seen as being good enough for day-to-day business needs.

This new acceptance of open source business intelligence applications is allowing open source BI software to move into the business mainstream.

Although it is free to download and use open source BI software, the associated cost of deploying, administering and supporting large-scale open-source BI projects can run into the millions of dollars for a company or organization.

In addition, a lack of skilled open-source BI developers can slow a project and increase costs.

As a result of the growing use of open source business intelligence software, many commercial BI software companies are offering free limited use of their BI software.

Some of the better known data mining applications for business intelligence use are listed as: Actuate, Jaspersoft, Jedox, Pentaho and SpagoWorld.

[ Source: Computer World ]