New Data Mining Super Computer to Identify Criminals and Fraud

Data mining guru Hank Asher, the man behind notable people search and public records databases like AutoTrack, ChoicePoint and Accurint, is developing the next generation of of super-sleuthing, data-mining computer systems to catch criminals and indentify fraud.

Asher has made millions of dollars collecting public records on people ( including: property records, legal records, criminal records etc. ) and storing the information in easy-to-search databases that can be used to find people and personal data.

Searching for a person’s name on Accurint will return current and previous addresses, possible family members and other public records information.

Hank Asher’s databases were used by police to locate the Washington, D.C., snipers and are used regularly by private investigators as well as America’s Most Wanted TV show.

Asher is now creating a new data-mining super computer and a database that he claims is a thousand times more powerful than anything he has worked on in the past. The new database is supposedly so accurate that Asher refers to it as “AK” for “Accurint Killer.”

Although Asher’s new data mining project is provided free of charge to police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, he claims that the new search technology could be worth billions of dollars if licensed for investigative and fraud detection uses.

Asher plans to unveil his “Accurint Killer” in March 2010 at a private investigator conference in Dallas, TX.

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