Credit Repair Advice From the FTC: ‘Self Help May Be the Best’

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a ‘credit repair’ service, you owe it to yourself, your wallet and your credit rating to read this Federal Trade Commission fact sheet on credit repair.

According the the FTC, self help may be your best option for improving your credit score.

The FTC credit repair fact sheet discusses the following important issues for consumers:

1. Scams and warning signs of credit repair offers.

2. The truth about credit repair options.

3. Steps for consumers to take in order to improve their credit scores.

4. The Credit Repair Organizations Act.

5. Government agencies that can help with credit reporting complaints.

6. Do-it-yourself credit check-ups.

7. A sample creditor dispute letter.

You can view the FTC’s credit repair fact sheet @ Credit Repair: Self Help May Be Best.