WhitePages People Search Meets Web 2.0

Recent changes to the Whitepages.com people search will bring directory assistance listings into the Web 2.0 era.

WhitePages.com is now the first major online 411 people search in the United States to let people edit their own residential phone, business phone and street address listings.

These custom directory assistance listing options allow people to have more control over their directory assistance information by letting them determine what information is public or private, as well as decide how they would like people to contact them — cell phone number, email address, text messaging, land phone line or physical mail.

WhitePages.com has been one of the top people search and 411 directory assistance searches for over 10 years with their up-to-date public records, including: telephone numbers, public record data and web information.

By letting people edit and change their personal contact information on Whitepages.com, they are improving the accuracy of their people search records and the ability of people to find each other and connect online.

WhitePages directory assistance has information on over 200 million people in the US.

In July 2009 Whitepages launched their “Add Your Listing” tool that lets people create their own contact listings with their cell phone numbers and email addresses along with privacy features.

Currently over one million people have added their own listing information with this service, making it easier to find friends, family members, military buddies, co-workers, and neighbors using the new Whitepages people search.

This new personal listing tool is the most recent effort by WhitePages.com to remain competitive in the people search area by creating a go-to people search with current and accurate contact listings.

Later this Whitepages.com will give people the ability to add their social network profiles to their WhitePages listings.

People and business professionals can take use these new personal listing tools at Whitepages.com.

To edit an existing listing, you simply search for your name and address and click on the “Is this you? Edit” option next to your listing. To create a new residential or business listing, you can select the “Add Your Listing” option. You will be asked to sign in or join WhitePages.com, if you are not already a member.