Facebook Takes On Google For Web Dominance

In what is shaping up to be a battle among two web bigshots, Facebook is making moves that suggest they want to take on Google for search engine dominance.

Facebook taking steps to turn itself into a web site that is more powerful than just a social network. Facebook recently acquired FriendFeed, a popular social network service, along with the visionary developers that created it.

Facebook has launched new search on their social network as well as the ability to share real-time profile updates with their entire social network. These moves as well as numerous projects in progress aim to position Facebook as an must use communications service.

As of right now Facebook is no Google, but they have attracted over 250 million users in a short period of time. Facebook has reached a growth point where membership is growing exponentially. Every new user on Facebook invites friends and family to join Facebook’s social network so they can stay in touch and communicate with one another online.

If Facebook can capitalize on its large membership and create ways to turn those users into paying customers for products and services, it could take its social network to the next level.

There are signs that Google is feeling some pressure from the success of Facebook. Last week Google launched some new social networking functionality on iGoogle, its personal web portal service. iGoogle is turning into an online service for social applications, similar to the applications enjoyed by Facebook users.

Social networking are a dime a dozen. Social networks like MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are familiar names, but there have been numerous others that have gone the way of the dinosaur. MySpace took off and became a household name, but quickly losing interest among users. Facebook is taking big steps to become the next Google instead of the next dinosaur.

Source: PCWorld