Police Solve Cold Case Homicide From 1965

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Police in Bellevue, Washington have solved a 51-year-old cold case homicide from 1965. Not only was this the oldest cold case murder in the history of the Bellevue Police Department, it was also the department’s very first homicide case. Furthermore, this case was solved with old-school investigative techniques, and not with DNA evidence and testing. […]


Police Use Commercial DNA Records To ID Crime Suspects

DNA Evidence

The popularity of commercial DNA testing companies like AncestryDNA and 23andMe have grown along with their databases of people’s DNA records and now police and law enforcement agencies want access to this genetic data to help solve active criminal cases as well as cold cases. However, genetic records found in commercial genealogy databases are likely […]


Public DNA Testing Used In Murder Case

Teresa Robinson

A 15-year-old male from Manitoba, Canada has been arrested and charged with the murder of Teresa┬áCassandra Robinson, 11. The murder happened in May 2015 and police have been searching for the killer ever since. The case was finally solved after a massive public DNA collection effort by the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police that involved […]


DNA Matching Solves Rape Case From 1987

Steven Hearl

This story is a great example of how new technology is being used by law enforcement to solve cold crime cases and catch criminals who almost got away. Police in West Mercia, United Kingdom used new DNA testing technology to link a man to a cold criminal case from 1987 that involved the rape of […]


Hiring Private Investigators To Spy On Nannies


Who is watching the person who is watching your kids? More parents are making the decision to hire private investigators to spy on nannies in the wake of some high profile stories about neglectful and abusive child caretakers. Private Investigator, Tom Ruskin, recently told ABC News that the number of people who are hiring investigators […]