DNA Database Finds Woman’s Biological Father

Family Puzzle

Score another successful people search for DNA testing services. A woman has found her birth father after a long search. Jordon Goulder grew up thinking that the man who helped raise her was her biological father. When she was 22 years old, the man that she thought was her father died and that is when […]


Forensic Genealogists Search For Lost Family


Doing useful forensic work doesn’t always require a scientific or technical background. Some very important forensic work involves professional genealogists who are experts in people search and public record research. When police departments have deceased person cases, where they know the identity of the person, but do not know who or where the family members […]


DNA Databases Help Adoptees Find Birth Parents

DNA Family Search

At first there were search engines like Google, where people could do name searches to find friends and family members online. Next came social media, where people could find and reunite with friends and family online through social networks like Facebook. However, for adoptees looking for biological parents or families with little or no family […]


23andMe Finds Adoptee’s Birth Family

Bob Weiss Photo

Bob Weiss is an adoptee who is almost 85 years old and thanks to a DNA testing and matching kit from 23andMe he has finally found his long-lost biological family. He has wondered about his birth parents and family ever since an argument at the age of 16 with his adopted parents, where it was […]


How To Research Your Family Tree & Trace Ancestors


Researching your family tree and genealogy can be a time-consuming, yet rewarding, adventure. Most people want to know more about their roots and heritage, but not everyone has the time or the focus to do the research, organizing and digging through archives and public records. In addition, researching your family history can reveal surprises, secrets […]