Skip Tracing Services

About Skipease Skip Tracing

At Skipease, we know that successful skip tracing is all about using the latest tools and technology to find people who are difficult to locate. We have been successfully locating people since 1999.

Skipease provides a variety of worldwide skip tracing services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. In fact, "skip tracing" is where our name originated from, and our skip tracers have decades of experience at finding people.

Our Skip Trace Services

Since 1999, we have successfully located hard-to-find people as well as collateral for numerous businesses, organizations, and individuals. We offer a wide-range of skip tracing services for businesses, government agencies, private investigators, collection agencies, bail bondsmen, lawyers, and the general public.

Below is a list of some of the fee-based skip tracing services that we offer:

  • Debtor Locates
  • People & Collateral Locates on Secured Loans
  • People, Property & Asset Locates for Court Judgments
  • Heir Locates for Estates
  • People Locates for Attorneys
  • Bail Skip Trace Services
  • Family Member Locates
  • Friend & Classmate Locates

In addition to the above skip tracing services, Skipease also offers a variety of related services, including: locating civil and criminal court records; property record searches; background research; public record research; job applicant reference checks, and social media profile research.

If you are interested in any of our skip trace services or related background research services, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. Also, if you are in need of a skip trace that is not listed on this page, contact us to discuss your specific skip tracing case.

As always, you only pay for our services if our skip trace is successful at locating the person you need to find.