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About Superpages

Superpages is a popular site where you can search white pages and yellow pages to find contact information on people and businesses.

There are several different ways that you can lookup phone book information on Superpages.

  • White pages for people
  • Yellow pages for businesses
  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Reverse address search

These four ways to search the Superpages database gives you access to millions of contact details on people, including a person's full name, associate names, street address and phone number information.

For more detailed information about Superpages, visit their site.

Superpages White Pages

You can lookup a person on Superpages by entering their full name and location in the white pages search box above.

There are millions of U.S. directory assistance listings on You can find phone numbers, addresses and known associates for people by using the Superpages white pages and people search.

In addition to, there are several other internet white pages sites that you can search to find information on people. Some of these sites include,, and

Phone Number Lookup

You can also lookup full names and residential street addresses for people by using the reverse phone number search on Superpages.

Superpages Phone Number Search

Reverse Address Search

The Superpages site also has a reverse address lookup where you can find people and phone numbers for a given residential street address in the United States.

Superpages Address Search

Search State Superpages

In addition to searching the Superpages white pages nationwide in the United States, you can do a statewide search for a person by name on the Superpages site.

Choose the state of residence for the person that you want to find, and then enter their full name in the search box to do a directory assistance phone book lookup for them in that state.

The Superpages database contains white pages phone book listings for millions of people in every U.S. state.