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US Federal Government Public Record Searches

Federal Public Records (by branch)

Executive Branch Public Records
Executive branch sites and public records information.

Legislative Branch Public Records
Legislative branch sites and public records information.

Judicial Branch Public Records
Judicial branch sites, court records, dockets and public records information.

Federal Agency Public Records
Federal agency ( A - Z ) sites and public records information.

US Military Sites and Public Records

Air Force
Army National Guard

US Federal Public Record Search Engines

First Gov Search
The US Federal Governement's official search engine for Federal public records and information.

Google Uncle Sam Search
Google's search engine for US Federal Government public records and information.

Specialized Federal Public Record Searches

Public record information, contacts and forms for doing business with the US Federal Government.

Census Records
Search US Census Bureau public records.

Federal Citizen Info. Center
Public record information targeted for US citizens and consumers.

A public record search of all Federal forms by form number, federal agency or form type.

National Archives and Records
National Archives and Records Administration public records search. Includes information on executive, legislative and judicial public records as well as Freedom Of Information Act record requests and archival database searches.

Public record search for US Federal regulations.

Thomas - Library of Congress
The official legislative and US Congressional public record search.

US Tax Court Record Search
Search public court records and docket for the US Tax Courts by person or corporate name.