The New Wave Of Wearable Spy Cameras

A new generation of mini wearable and throwable video cameras is turning every citizen into a modern day Big Brother, with the ability to spy on and video record other people.

Never before have so many people been recorded and never before have so many people had the ability to record others thanks to the increasing miniaturization of video cameras.

ParaShoot Camera
ParaShoot Video Camera

Some of the manufacturers of these small recording devices include: GoPro, ParaShoot and Bounce Imaging.

These tiny video recording devices have been used to record home intruders; monitor pets and children as well as spy on unsuspecting neighbors.

A college fraternity at Penn State recently got in trouble for sharing compromising photos of co-eds on social media.

Even the police are not above being recorded by the public as is evidenced by the growing number of police actions that are video recorded by the general public and shared on social networks, video sites and mainstream news programs.

As cameras get smaller and smaller, more and more of our public and private actions will be subject to review by the masses.

The number of public and personal video cameras is growing at a fast pace. All smart phones are now equipped with some type of camera that can take still shots as well as video.

Google’s engineers are working on a camera that is small enough to be worn on a contact lens.

ParaShoot sells a 1080 HD / 8 MegaPixel high definition video camera that can be worn unnoticed on your person or attached inconspicuously to a wall or car dashboard.

Bounce Imaging makes a tacticle, throwable, ball-shaped camera that can take pictures from multiple angles on the fly and transmit the images to a mobile device in real time.

Bounce Imaging Camera
Bounce Imaging Throwable Video Camera

Bounce Imaging eventually hopes to shrink their ball-shaped camera down to the size of a golf ball.

The Bounce Imaging camera ball can also be mounted anywhere to record 360 degree surveillance video of a location.

These recording technologies have evolved so rapidly that they have outpaced that laws to regulate their abuse in our “I Am Recording You Recording Me” society.

However, recent court decisions have protected the right of citizens to record their dealings with police and law enforcement officials.

Watch what you do, everyone is watching you. But, then again, you are probably watching them too.