Using ‘Family Tree Now’ To Search For People By Name

FamilyTreeNow ( ) is one of the new free people search sites like ThatsThem ( ) that is getting a lot of attention. The site lets you find current and past street addresses and phone numbers for people when you search the site using a full name and location.

The FamilyTreeNow site lets you lookup people using a number of different search parameters including the person’s first name, middle name, last name, city, county, state, birth year, country of birth, relative’s name, or, in the case of deceased people, date of death.

Although FamilyTreeNow is promoted as a family and genealogy research tool, it can be used to lookup contact information on just about anyone. Search results on the site may also include full names and contact information on family members and other people who are associated with the person that you are searching for.

FamilyTreeNow Search
The free FamilyTreeNow people search engine

According the the site, the FamilyTreeNow database is 100 percent free to search and contains billions of census records, historical records, public records and data sources on people. Some of the public records that FamilyTreeNow collects on people include:

  • census records
  • birth records
  • death records
  • marriage records
  • divorce records
  • public records on living people
  • military personnel records from World War II

Our People Search Test Results

We used the first name, last name and state search parameters on FamilyTreeNow to find listings for ten people that we are familiar with, and, with some exceptions, our test search results were very good.

We got the following search results for the ten people that we looked up on FamilyTreeNow:

  • ten of the listings had the person’s correct age
  • ten of the listings showed the person’s correct birth year
  • eight of the listings showed the correct current address for the person
  • ten of the search results showed previous addresses for the person
  • ten showed full names for the person’s family members
  • six of the results showed full names of possible associates
  • none of the results showed any phone number information

Excepting the lack of good phone number information on people in the search listings, these are very good results for a people search site that gives away contact information to the public for free.

The Pros About FamilyTreeNow

The people search on FamilyTreeNow has several things going for it. For one, searching for a person on the site is 100% free. But a free people search isn’t really useful if you can’t find good information on it.

There is some good contact information that can be found on the FamilyTreeNow site in the form of current and past addresses; full names and addresses for possible family members, and full names and addresses for people who are possible associates of the person that you are searching for.

This wealth of free location and contact information on people can be very useful when trying to find a person.

The Cons About FamilyTreeNow

There are also several drawbacks to the people search on FamilyTreeNow. For one, there is no other way to find information about a person other than the search parameters we listed earlier.

There is no way to do a reverse phone number lookup or a reverse address search on FamilyTreeNow. In addition, social media profiles are not included in the site’s people search results.

In addition, not one of our test search results listed any phone number information for any of the ten people that we used the site to find information on. Unfortunately, there is also the fact that some of the information that we found on people is either outdated or totally incorrect.

We also need to mention that we received numerous database error messages while trying to search for people on the site.

Rating the FamilyTreeNow Free People Search

Based on our test search results on FamilyTreeNow, and our experience with other free people search sites like Pipl ( ); Zabasearch ( ); PeekYou ( ) and Whitepages ( ), we would give the FamilyTreeNow search a 8/10 rating.

Although there is a lot of good information to be found on the site, there is also a noticeable amount of incorrect information on people and a serious lack of phone number listings. In addition, there is no way to do a reverse address search or a reverse phone number lookup on the site.

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