Bing Search Engine To Delete User Data After 6 Months

Responding to privacy concerns from groups regarding the length of time and amount of information that search engines store on users, Microsoft announced that it will remove the IP addresses associated with Bing searches after six months.

User data from Bing searches had previously been saved by Microsoft for 18 months.

Microsoft has agreed to delete cookie IDs and cross-section IDs associated with search engine queries as well.

Microsoft’s decision to remove user search data comes as a result of privacy concerns expressed by the Article 29 Working Party, a European privacy group, regarding the length of time that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing store people’s search information.

The Article 29 Working Party published privacy guidelines in the past for protecting search users’ personal information.

The group has specifically requested that search engine companies shorten the length of time that they save IP addresses and other search information.

[ Source: eWeek ]