How to Lookup a Phone Number in Missouri

Sometimes you need to use a phone number to find information on a person. If you have a phone number for a person in Missouri, you can do a reverse phone number lookup to find additional information on them in that state.

There are a number of good online searches that can help you find information on any business or residential phone number in Missouri. You can do a phone number lookup on a search engine; you can use any online white pages site to search for a phone number; you can also use people search engines to lookup a phone number in the United States.

Using Google Search to Lookup a Phone Number in Missouri

You can use Google or any other search engine to find information on a Missouri phone number. Doing a Google phone search is as easy as entering the ten-digit Missouri phone number into Google’s search box. It almost doesn’t matter what phone format you use for the number, since Google is good at recognizing a Missouri phone number and returning appropriate search results for that number.

When doing a phone lookup on Google, remember that there are six area codes in the state of Missouri that a phone number can belong to. The Missouri area codes are: 314, 417, 573, 636, 660, and 816.

Doing a Missouri Phone Lookup on White Pages

In addition to using a Google search, you can also use any online white pages directory to reverse lookup a phone number in Missouri. There are a number of good internet white pages sites, and they all offer a way to find information on people in the United States by searching with a valid ten-digit U.S. phone number.

Online directory assistance sites like,,, and all offer ways to search for a person with a Missouri phone number. While these sites do offer some free information with a phone lookup, most of them will charge for more current and detailed people profiles.

Search People Finder Sites to Get Missouri Phone Lookup Information

Niche search engines that help you find people by name, phone number or address can be found all over the internet. Some of these people search engines are better than others. However, all of them offer some type of phone number search that allows you to lookup a phone number in Missouri.

Some of the more popular people search sites that offer a phone search include sites like,,,, and

Some people profile search sites offer a great deal of free information on people. However, most sites will charge for better, more reliable information on a person. However, there are so many online sources for phone number information now, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a good deal of information for little or no cost.